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Crystalline Silica and Respirable Dust Testing & Resources


OSHA has announced a final silica rule to improve workers’ protection from the dangers of respirable silica dust. SGS Galson can help you comply – as one of the few laboratories in the country to meet the requirements of this new standard, we’ve got you covered.

Crystalline Silica Cristobalite - 50% Lower

As an ongoing effort to provide you with the best options for silica monitoring, we have obtained a 50% reduction on the limit of quantitation (LOQ) for Cristobalite analysis; lowering the LOQ from 10ug to 5ug per filter by XRD. Cristobalite’s new LOQ now matches the lower LOQ we had achieved in March of 2014 for Crystalline Silica Quartz.

The reduction in the LOQ for Crystalline Silica Cristobalite allows you to obtain lower detection limits in the air you are sampling. It may also allow you to sample for shorter periods of time and still meet the current and evolving OSHA PEL and other Standards. Your Crystalline Silica Quartz and Cristobalite LOQ’s will be the same allowing for a reduced total Crystalline Silica reporting limit.

Previous LOQ: 10μg quartz LOQ by XRD and FTIR
New LOQ: 5μg quartz LOQ by XRD and FTIR

Crystalline Silica Quartz - 50% Lower

In March of 2014 and in preparation of the possible lowering of the OSHA PEL for Silica, SGS Galson achieved a lower Limit of Quantitation (LOQ) for Crystalline Silica Quartz. This lower LOQ will allow more flexibility with your sample time as less sample volume will be required to meet the standard.

Previous LOQ: 10μg quartz LOQ by XRD and FTIR
New LOQ: 5μg quartz LOQ by XRD and FTIR

Lowering the Limit of Quantitation for Quartz by X-ray Diffraction from 10 micrograms to 5 micrograms

SGS Galson’s Definition of Limit of Quantitation

Limit of Quantitation (LOQ): The constituent concentration that produces a signal sufficiently greater than the blank that it can be detected within specified levels by good laboratory practices during routine operating conditions. In the X-ray Diffraction Department, the LOQ studies consist of spiking the media seven times with the analyte of interest at the level of the desired LOQ. Once spiked, the media is taken through the routine sample preparation and analytical procedures. The percent recovery for each spiked media must fall within 70-130%.

What allows SGS Galson to Achieve a Lower LOQ by XRD?

A lower limit of quantitation is achieved by using a previously unavailable software application and by changing the calibration procedure. The software offers improved quantitative data processing, in particular background intensity subtraction, which allows for improved reproducibility at the 5 µg quartz level. In conjunction with this, inclusion of additional low-level quartz standards in the calibration curve improves the fit of the curve at the low end.

Data to Support Change:

Continuing Quality Control Verification:

A 5 µg Quartz standard is run on a daily basis in order to verify the reporting level.

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