We introduced IHLive HelpCam almost six months ago and told you that it offers a higher dimension of help in solving your sampling challenges. The ability to see and be seen in real time as an SGS Galson specialist walks you through your challenge assures a quicker and more complete solution.

A valued client, Pat Papoutsis of Arkema, recently wrote to tell us about his first IHLive HelpCam experience.

Pat said, “IHLive HelpCam assistance was very valuable to me as this was my first time to perform a sampling test. SGS Galson sent me the complete package of items I needed. I struggled to understand how to perform the assembly properly and did not have much time to begin my testing.”

So Pat simply clicked on the IHLive HelpCam icon at Once connected, a live video session commenced with our Client Service Specialist guiding him to a solution of his sampling issue.

“With their help live on video, I was able to calibrate, assemble and use the testing equipment within 15 minutes,” Pat continued. “The SGS Galson professionals are very experienced and patient. They were able to quickly give me precise instructions to complete my testing on time. Very worthwhile and helpful for a first timer like myself.

You can use the IHLive HelpCam as Pat did for sampling help, as well as rental equipment set-ups and media questions. Take a look at this helpful overview video. You’ll only find this kind of help at SGS Galson, along with our Like IHLive chat and IHLive Text (888-432-5227) services. Of course, you can call at the 888-432-5227 as well.

Thanks Pat Papoutsis for using IHLive HelpCam and telling us about your experience. We look forward to seeing all of you in-person soon on IHLive HelpCam.

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