By Pam Weaver, Client Services Manager

SGS Galson’s clients have numerous ways of contacting their award-winning Client Service Representatives, from the commonplace phone and email to the more contemporary real-time chat and text. The company’s newest touchpoint to you is IHLive HelpCam, a powerful, new innovation, of many that SGS Galson has had throughout the years, to help visually assure every detail of your sampling event is completed accurately and in a timely manner. Simply put, IHLive HelpCam is an audio-visual aid for all your IH needs.

You connect from your computer, tablet or smart phone by simply clicking on the IHLive HelpCam icon from the website. You are then connected to a live SGS Galson Client Service specialist who guides you visually and with sound to a solution for your sampling challenge.

Several features add value to the IHLive HelpCam experience including camera switching, pausing, zooming, and drawing, so no stone is left unturned in resolving your issue.

If I don’t say so myself, our Client Service team is the best. We literally crave the opportunity to help our clients and with IHLive HelpCam we’re able to work with you to troubleshoot a problem as if we were face-to-face. With the computer enhancements available with IHLive HelpCam this is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize a sampling solution and avoid lots of frustration.

We’ve created a short but helpful overview video to show you how IHLive HelpCam works.  Like IHLive chat and IHLive text before it (both still being available and also great tools), IHLive HelpCam allows you and all our clients to get the fastest, best help for all their IH challenges; and it’s only available here from SGS Galson. When you use IHLive HelpCam, please email me at and let me know about your experience. Thanks!

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