What’s more important than clients knowing where to go to get their questions answered and having confidence they’ll get the best answers? In my opinion, NOTHING

From our beginnings, SGS Galson has made client service a priority. With all due modesty, I am immensely proud of our knowledgeable, congenial, award-winning Client Service Specialists. We’re always ready to help you by email, chat, toll-free phone at (888) 432-5227 and even text at the same phone number. And we just added new client service technology, unique in the IH world, which brings your IH challenge to life:

Introducing SGS Galson’s IHLive HelpCam!

IHLive HelpCam is your live audio visual aid for all your IH needs. It assures every detail of your sampling event is completed accurately and in a timely manner and you’ll never get frustrated again about visualizing a sampling solution.

You can use the IHLive HelpCam to get help for sampling challenges, rental equipment set-ups and media questions. It’s especially helpful for any type of abnormal media set up and if you’re new to any of these products or procedures. We’ve already had great success walking clients through the use of equipment and media they received.

For example, for a MultiRae Gas Monitor, menu guidance is much easier and effective to have clients navigate with video. We also had a client recently that was using equipment but was unsure if he was set up properly for calibration. Using the IHLive HelpCam, we were able to inspect his set up and instruct him on the proper calibration technique.

How does it work?

Using your smart phone, tablet or computer you simply click on the IHLive HelpCam icon at Once connected, you’ll get a live video session with a Client Service Specialist to guide you to a solution of your sampling challenge. You’ll quickly identify your IH testing issues and solutions and get back to your sampling event with confidence.

To use IHLive HelpCam you must have microphone and camera capabilities on your chosen device. Several features are present to assist you including camera switching, pausing, zooming, and drawing, so no stone will be left unturned in resolving your issue.

See IHLive HelpCam in action in this quick and helpful overview video. Like IHLive chat and IHLive Text before it (and still available!), IHLive HelpCam, only from SGS Galson, allows you to get the best and fastest help for all your IH challenges.

Experience the future of IH analysis and monitoring solutions today! We look forward to seeing you in-person soon on IHLive HelpCam.

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