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Chain of Custody

It is important to be able to trace samples from collection to data reporting so that the utmost confidence can be placed in the analytical results. A chain-of-custody form is a mechanism for tracing the lineage of a sample from the time of collection through reporting of results to sample disposal.

The sampler initiates the chain of custody. As samples are passed from individual to individual, the transfers are noted. This process continues until the samples are delivered to the laboratory where the chain of custody form is signed, evidencing the date and time of sample receipt. The original chain of custody form is returned to the client with the analytical report, and a copy is retained with the project file by SGS Galson.


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Download Interactive PDF

As an alternative to filling out the COC form online …download a blank Chain of Custody form in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) click on the ICON below. This is an editable pdf that can be saved on your computer for each sampling event.

Download USA COC Form > Download Canadian COC Form >

When you finish, e-mail this to Galson at and send in your original.


The Galson Dual Column/Co-Solvent GC Method using our universal solvent system allows for a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to be collected on the same media. Galson can perform air quality analysis of samples using a single analytical method with acceptable recoveries for all analytes. In addition to the single universal extraction, VOCs are now analyzed using dual column confirmation.

The Universal Solvent GC Method table lists the Limit of Quantitation (LOQs) depending on whether you use a 3M organic vapor badge (3M OVM), a small charcoal tube (SKC 226-01 SM CT) or a large charcoal tube (SKC 226-09 LG CT).

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Chain Of CustodyInformation Video

We have created an instructional video that provides step-by-step instructions for filling out the Chain of Custody form. This comprehensive video details completing the Galson Labs COC form to help make sure all required information is recorded correctly.